Loripak Beauty Spa

Microcurrent Lifting System


From the time you were born gravity has been tugging and pulling your muscles downward toward mother earth, lengthening, losing its firmness and revealing your age...


Face & Neck Lifting System is a Contour Ultra's nonsurgical, painfree, muscle toning treatment. The Contour Ultra delivers a 20 minute muscle exercise to various muscles of your face and neck, using painless "microcurrent" to stimulate and exercie the muscle. This procedure safely and effecctively improves the appearance of the skin, providing satisfying aesthetic results with less risk unlike thetraditional face lifts.


This process of a gentle re-education of the fine facial muscles stimulate them through small amonts of electricity


      - Improving blood and lymph microcirculation

      - Tightening Pores

      - Providing and Instant Glow

      - Visibly reducing wrinkles

      - Activating cellular renewal

      - Eliminating toxins


Microcurrent Face & Neck Lifting Treatment: $150


Drainage Treatment: $70


Flash Beauty Treatment : $80