Loripak Beauty Spa

Body Treatments


Back Pore Cleansing: $75

Ideal for problem-prone skin that includes cleansing, exfoliation and massage followed by a specialized healing and soothing mask according to your skin type.


Anti-Aging Hands Treatment: $75

This treatment includes exfoliation, hand massage, paraffin hands and a bleaching mask if needed. It will leave your skin deeply moisturized and is ideal for pigmentation and dry skin.


Aromatherapy Massage: $90

This exhilarating body treatment utilizes essential detoxification oils, a process that opens pores, stimulates the lymphatic system and activates the dispersion of toxins.


Hot Stone Therapy: $100

Our specialty massage that uses smooth water heated volcanic rocks that absorb and retain heat. This therapy helps release tight muscles and induces to body relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage: $100

Focuses on restoring deeper layers of muscles in areas of tension and pain.


Swedish Massage: $90

Our classic body massage that promotes relaxation, relieves stress and eases muscle tension.


Foot Relexology: $45

This is a natural therapy method that utilizes the application of specific type of pressure on particular areas of the feet that help promote body balance.


Deep Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap: $120

Our detoxifying seaweed body wrap specialty begins with the application of a sea salt scrub followed by a heated full-body seaweed mask induced with rich minerals and natural sea salt formulation.  This detoxifying treatment removes dead cells from the surface of your skin and improves blood circulation by releasing bodily toxins.


Sea Salt Body Scrub: $65

A process of exfoliation of dead skin cells throughout the entire body with the utilization of sea salt that promotes smoothness and skin renewal.


Aroma Body Polish: $80

This body treatment begins with hot towel compress to prepare the skin for the procedure, followed by an application of a citrus body scrub. Promotes deep pore cleansing and infuses your skin with botanical extracts. This process smoothes and renews your skin.


Anticellulit Treatment: $75

This treatment utilizes a special anticellulit cream containing cellulite fighting ingredients such as Algae and Bladderwrack Extracts, which is applied on needed areas. After which, the entire body is wrapped into a heat-trapping material and kept under warm temperatures for 40 minutes.